Think about the number of times you blamed others or found faults in them when things didn't go as per your expectations. Did Fault Finding change the circumstances in your favour? Did you think about your defects in those times?  

Remember, when we point fingers at others, there are three fingers that are pointed towards us. When we find faults in others, it takes our mind away from seeing our defects and addressing them. Fault-finding in others won't help us become a better person.  

This world is a mixture of dualities. There is the day and the night. There is cold and heat. There is success and failure. In entities as well, the rose bush has the luxurious flower and the obnoxious thorn. In the same way, everybody is a bag of virtues and defects. If our mind contemplates on the defects of others, first of all, it's a poor reflection of our consciousness and second, such contemplation only increases our own defects. Not only that, we then turn our mind away from our infirmities, because we so engrossed about those of others. These infirmities and these weaknesses, because we don't handle them, they keep on increasing.

Thats is why, we need to transform this old habit of finding faults on others and rather than looking for other's weaknesses let us show our mind our own innumerable weaknesses. We should focus on improving ourselves rather than finding weaknesses with others.

Therefore to truly transform our life, we should give up finding faults with others and resolve sincerely to address our defects and strive to become a better person.

So take a resolve - "Henceforth, I will not see the faults of others and if my mind urges it to do so, I will divert it and show to it my own innumerable defects. For that is the way to the Light. That is the way Forward. And that is the way to ENLIGHTENMENT".